Cave bat

Are cameras allowed in the cave?

Yes, we allow point and shoot photography inside the cave. Please be mindful that the tour will be moving through the cave so there is limited time to compose a photo. For this same reason tripods are not allowed in the cave.

Cave photography can be challanging. We recommend you use a high ISO setting on your camera and a slower shutter speed. For some cameras this may be called a "night sky" or "city-night" mode. Due to high humidity, many times a flash will illuminate the water vapor in the air, so if you see this "ghosting" effect, try to limit your use of flash or use a camera where the flash is further from the lens.

Can I take my child into the cave in a stroller?

While your child is welcome, strollers cannot be accommodated due to multiple flights of stairs throughout the tour. We recommend a swaddle/sling carrier, or having a family member stay with your child outside of the cave.

Can I bring my purse/camera bag/backpack into the cave?

Due to insurance regulations ALL bags, camera bags, purses, etc. must remain on the surface. We are happy to provide, at no charge, bag/purse storage during your tour, or you may leave your items in your car. For purchases at our gift shop they may also be checked in at the start of our tour.

We are traveling with our dogs, what options do you have for dogs?

Dogs are not allowed in the cave due to fragile nature of the cave environment, this includes small breed dogs that are typically carried. Our surface activities are dog friendly. Leashed dogs are allowed on our nature trail (please clean up after your dog). If the weather is cool, you may leave your dog in your car, if the weather is hot we suggest either leaving your dog at home or having someone remain on the surface during the tour.

The Cave property is home to many native birds and animals. All dogs must be on lease and under your control at all times.

How much will my Special Event cost at Crystal Cave?

For group tours we have a published price list, but for Special Events, each event is unique. Please contact us and ask to speak with our Special Event Coordinator to discuss your Event. We will work with you to make your event a success!

What are our options for food while visiting Crystal Cave?

At our visitor center we offer cold drinks, ice cream, homemade fudge and specialty candies. We also have numerous picnic tables in our shaded picnic grounds and park style charcoal grills. Within 1/4 of a mile there is a Subway resturant. Feel free to grab a sub and head back to our shaded picnic grounds.

A mile down the road is downtown Spring Valley and there are several resturants for a quick lunch or dinner and a bakery. There are additional resturants in the surrounding communities as well.